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We have 17,214 used cars, trucks and SUVs nationwide.

Every vehicle we sell includes these benefits:
4,035,490 Approvals
1,147,329 Vehicles sold
17,214 Vehicles Nationwide
145 Dealerships
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We Redefine Buying a Used Car, Truck or SUV

Since 2002, DriveTime has been focused on showing people how used car buying really should be. It has been an uphill battle since day one because used car dealerships are surrounded by stereotypes like pushy sales people who trap you in a never ending process that wears you down until you settle for a bad deal. At DriveTime, we avoid those stereotypes through simplicity and transparency.

We make buying a used car worry free. You won’t have to stress about haggling for a better price, vague financing terms or getting stuck with a used car that’s not right for you. We give you the details on all of our used vehicles up front, including a free AutoCheck® History report. We also offer a 5-day return guarantee program and several additional buyer benefits for every used car, truck or SUV that we sell.

Shop our selection of 17,214 used cars, trucks, and SUVs online and find the one you like. Then, schedule a test drive or take two minutes to get approved online and see your down payment before you get to the dealership. You’re in control of your car buying experience at DriveTime.

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Two Minute Auto Financing

Securing an auto loan doesn’t have to take hours at the dealership. At DriveTime, you can get approved for auto financing in just two minutes from the convenience of your phone. Taking care of the financing details first lets you focus on what you’re really here for -- finding your next used car, truck or SUV.

Other dealerships don't make used car financing this easy. The approval and negotiation process can take hours, and some dealers won’t tell you your financing options until you’re ready to buy a specific car. When you get approved online at DriveTime, you’ll get your real auto loan approval and see your down payment options without having to talk to our dealership staff. Then, you can see how that sizes up against other offers without stepping foot on our lot.

We encourage you to see what fits your budget, reach out to our team with any questions and, when you’re ready, schedule a visit at your closest dealership. Once you’re on the lot you’ll see full financing terms on every vehicle within fifteen minutes of talking to our staff.

Save the time and the headache of applying for an auto loan by getting approved in two minutes online at DriveTime and know your buying power before you go.

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